Start of a new year and decade:

Some of us seniors are still playing golf at Berkeley, following the guidelines outlined by

Shawn McKinnon.  Following the rules hopefully we will continue to play as the course is still open and will remain open if we do our part and is not ordered closed by government

officials.  The Pro Shop, Grounds Department and food service are inbusiness with a whole host of precautions to limit your exposure to the pandemic corona virus.  You all know by now that frequent hand washing, keeping your distance from staff and fellow golfers, only fist pumps and elbow bumps, etc.  But the most important thing is your taking responsibility.  If you are not feeling well, don’t come to play golf.  If you come to play golf, and you become ill within two

weeks after, please let Berkeley know.  Information is crucial to halt the spread of the disease.


Is it safe to play because golf is an outdoor sport where you can keep your distance from others?

Here is what the experts say.  Social distancing is the most effective mechanism for slowing down transmission of the infection and hopefully eventually getting the infection under control.  Golf is very unique in that aspect in which you can be in a bit more wide-open space and you’re using theoretically your own equipment.  And in those circumstances, it’s probably going to be safe. We don’t know much about this virus and our understanding is constantly evolving. As a result our recommendations continue to change each day.  But there are aspects of golf that need to be put into consideration. That’s things like sharing equipment, being on golf carts together.  Any time

there’s any interaction with somebody else, that would need to be avoided in those circumstances. There are certainly times during the golf game such as transitioning to the clubhouse, using the bathrooms, teeing off where you are within that 6-feet (boundary).  There needs to be more about how long the virus can live on surfaces. So depending on the type of surface that can range from a few hours to up to three days in certain circumstances.  So if someone has a virus who was on a

cart before you, it’s potentially possible that the virus, that if they touched their face or if they sneezed and it got on the steering wheel or somewhere else on the cart, and then you came to contact with that and touched your mouth, you could transmit it. It’s critical that all of this equipment is disinfected in between people’s uses.


Registration for the 2020 Berkeley Senior Men's Golf Association:

Forms are available in the Berkeley Pro Shop.  Half the $40 fee is paid to the North Atlanta Senior Men's Golf Association to operate the official web site.  All members of the Berkeley Seniors will have individual accounts with NASMGA to enter tournaments and follow the results.


The full schedule is as follows:


Hosting Club                       Date             Format

Rivermont                               3/24/20          ABCD 2 Low Net  EVENT CANCELLED

Woodmont                              4/22/20          Shamble                  EVENT CANCELLED

St. Ives                                    5/19/20          Step Aside

Fairways of Canton                 6/26/20          ABCD 1 Gr – 1 Net

Indian Hills                             7/27/20          ABCD

Crooked Creek                        8/20/20          Shamble

Country Club of Roswell        9/24/20          2 Man Best Ball

Windermere                           10/20/20          Championship

Other Berkeley Senior News:

Berkeley Senior Golfer of the Year:

While the “Senior Golfer of the Year” will start in 2020 The BSMGA Board voted to inaugurate the program by selecting Barney Tyler and Ray Meyer this year in appreciation

for the service and dedication to the seniors in Berkeley.  Their names will be first on the plaque to be placed in the club house.

If you have some ideas to make the future more fun, more competitive, more inclusive,

please let the BSMGA Board know.  Come out and participate in the scheduled tournaments,

the week day tournaments, the Senior Interclub Tournaments, and Senior Match Play. 


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